About Apex Power and Light

About Apex Power and Light

Apex Power And Light Bio

Apex Power and Light is a licensed electrical contracting company founded by Paul Huerta in December 2019. The company was created in response to the growing demand for reliable and high-quality electrical services in the Los Gatos, CA, area. Our commitment to exceptional customer service and custom solutions sets us apart from other electrical contractors in California. For example, our professional electricians specialize in various electrical services, including new home builds and renovations, smart home/automation, EV charging stations, troubleshooting/emergency service calls, dedicated circuits, and primary service panel upgrades/replacements.

Paul Huerta Bio

The Principle Manager of Apex Power and Light

I have over ten years of experience in the electrical industry. After working alongside multiple electricians and honing my skills, I took a leap of faith and launched my company in 2019, and haven't looked back ever since. I'm committed to rendering clients high-quality electrical solutions tailored to their unique needs. I believe the success of my business has come from Jesus Christ and the support of my family. I'm a husband and father of two beautiful children. So when I'm not wiring homes, I'm passionate about coaching my daughter’s soccer team, wrestling with my son, cooking for my wife, and gardening.

Our Mission

At Apex Power and Light, we are dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional electrical services customized to their specific needs. We believe every client deserves to get heard, and we strive to deliver custom solutions that exceed their expectations. Our commitment to quality, reliability, and exceptional customer service sets us apart from other electrical contractors. Therefore, our team of electricians in Los Gatos is your personal electrical concierge, dedicated to providing you with the best possible service.

After launching my new website and achieving another significant milestone in my business, I wanted to thank a few people who have supported me on my journey.

“I want to thank my beautiful, tough, wise, funny, amazing wife, Anna, for doing her best to understand why her husband leaves before the sun rises and comes home after the sun has set, all while trying to manage the demands of 2 screaming babies all day long. She’s my reason and my fire, and one day we’ll look back, laugh and cry and know it was all worth it when we decided to pay now instead of later. Thanks also to my family: my beautiful babies Kylie and Emiliano. Sometimes, they don’t know that they’re paying a high price for a better life in the future too. I love you dearly and count down the seconds when you guys run to meet me with hugs n kisses as soon as I step through the front door.

To my mom and dad, who tried their best to raise an honest, hardworking son that treats people as he would want to be treated. I hope to honor you both with a life well lived continually. And thank you for watching the kids so Anna could have a break. To my brothers: thank you for adversity and competition. To Karina (my sister-in-law): you’re probably the most significant reason Anna hasn’t left me because you take the second most considerable load of watching the kids so Anna can regain her sanity, only to lose it again once she picks the kids back up.

To my boy Josh: Thanks for always entertaining my crazy ideas and delusions of grandeur. You’ve encouraged me to get licensed since day one, and now here I am. You gave me my first shot at a career that has blossomed into what was a future to look forward to and a present that I’m genuinely grateful for.

To my pastor (Gabe) and church: Thank you for grounding me and keeping me connected not just to a group of people but to a movement of love and spiritual growth that has helped me overcome the worst of times and a faith that is committed to weathering any storm.

Last but not least: To my precious Lord Jesus. Without you, life wouldn’t only not be worth living but wouldn’t be, period. You are the great creator, and I thank you for your word, wisdom, and truth that has formed me. I claim not to have arrived, but principles are leading me, not by changing seasons, hype, or feelings. Therefore if I follow you and the instruction that you and the mentors you’ve placed in my life have given me, I will succeed in everything that I do because I know I have favor with you and that my sole purpose for existence is to bring you glory. Amen”

What our client says

“This is the first time I write review for a company, and I have to. Paul is a very professional and experienced electrician, and a very nice person. He fixed the problem that had been bothered us for a long time. We hired some other electrician to fix it before but did not get the problem solved. Paul did an amazing job. Besides that, he also diagnosed several other hidden problems and fixed them all. He is very honest and professional. I highly recommended Apex Power and Paul if you want solid and trustable electric work!”

- 张翼

“Paul was very friendly knowledgeable, efficient and professional. He was responsible for the electrical involved with changing a gas stove to an induction and installing an exhaust fan in the attic. I thought I would have to replace a sub panel for the stove top breaker, yet Paul was able to condense breakers in my existing electrical panel to create room for a 50 amp 3 phase breaker. His design solutions allowed me to do exactly what I wanted and not go over budget. In addition, although the temperature was 95 degrees outside, he persevered, efficiently completing the work in a high quality, timely manner. I highly recommend Paul/Apex to anyone needing electrical work done.

4/7/21 - Paul came back again to upgrade out internet wiring. Again he was very professional, worked efficiently, and did good quality work in a timely manner. He is very easy to work with as he is very responsive and reliable. He is like a breath of fresh air! We highly recommend him!”

- Maureen Pramanik

“Paul from APEX was amazing. He is very responsive, listened to our needs, explained various options, consulted with us as needed, and ensured we were 100% happy with the results. He is professional, knowledgeable, personable, and very communicative.

After spending time adjusting the length of a three-pendant chandelier, he unwrapped the final glass pendant only to discover it had been damaged during shipping. We found a replacement and he added the pendant to the fixture and installed it at no extra cost.

He checked in to ensure we were happy and that everything was working to our satisfaction. If you are in need of an electrician who goes above and beyond, I highly recommend Paul and APEX Power & Light. He will be my go-to for all future electrical needs!”

- Kristen Frank

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